Team Augmentation

The client is a leading software company based in Europe, specializing in call center solutions. 


A large project requires additional technical expertise. Therefore, the company approached AHAmatic for team augmentation services to accelerate the development process of the new call center solution while ensuring the highest quality standards. A team of experts who could work collaboratively with in-house developers were needed to ensure a smooth integration of the new solution with client's existing software.


To meet the client's needs, AHAmatic provided a team of experienced Java developers and testers with a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions. An agile development approach was used to ensure that the project progressed smoothly with regular meetings and updates to certify alignment of both parties. On the other hand, AHAmatic team used industry-standard tools and technologies to develop the software, ensuring that the solution met the client's quality standards and performance requirements.


The client achieved objectives through the team augmentation strategy, which involved incorporating skilled Java developers and testers into their team. This approach resulted in a faster development process, shorter time to market, and better solution quality. Furthermore, AHAmatic team was able to seamlessly collaborate with the client's existing development team by working together to achieve a shared goal. The outcome was a first-rate call center solution that fulfilled the client's specifications, delivered on schedule, and stayed within budget.