Customized Fintech Solution

The client is a US-based fintech company that was expanding their operations to the Philippines.


The Philippine market is highly competitive and the regulatory environment is complex. The company needs to navigate local regulations, establish partnerships with local banks and payment providers, ensure that the platform is localized to meet the needs of the Filipino market, as well as administrative services to help them establish their presence in the country.


After a thorough analysis to the client's original software product and identified the modifications required to fit the Philippines market, AHAmatic provided a hybrid solution that combined customized software development and administrative services. In addition to software customization, a wide range of administrative services, including secretarial services, hot desking, business analysis and software support were provided.


The hybrid solution helped the client to achieve goals in several ways. By providing a customized software solution that met the local regulatory requirements and cultural norms, the client was able to offer a fintech solution that was well-suited for the Philippines market. Moreover, the administrative services provided by AHAmatic team helped the client to establish their presence in the Philippines quickly and efficiently. 

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