Customed SaaS Solution

The client is a startup based in Singapore that provides a platform for sellers and buyers to transact a large variety of products. 


The company approached AHAmatic to create an e-commerce platform that would allow sellers and buyers to transact a large variety of products easily. They wanted a scalable solution that could be easily customized to meet the specific needs of their clients.


AHAmatic used a SaaS-based approach to develop the solution, it includes a user-friendly e-commerce portal, whereas the portal also provided features including payment processing and inventory management. Moreover, features such as custom branding, integration with third-party systems, and support for multiple languages were applied.


The customized SaaS solution provided by AHAmatic helped the Singapore-based startup create a user-friendly e-commerce platform that could be used by sellers and buyers. The solution addressed the challenges faced by the startup, such as creating a user-friendly platform, ensuring scalability and customization, providing features such as payment processing and inventory management, and integrating with third-party systems. As a result, the startup saw an increase in the number of clients using their platform and overall efficiency in managing their e-commerce operations.

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